Concrete Pumping

At 3 Counties Concrete, we specialise in providing concrete line pumps to projects all over Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as offering concrete pump hire in London. Committed to offering the most competitive prices, our service is cost-effective for customers no matter how big or small their job. Whether you want a concrete slab for your shed base, or need it pumped several storeys up, our team can help with large-scale commercial construction as well as quick DIY jobs at your home.

What is concrete pumping?

Concrete pumps make it possible to transfer liquid concrete from the mixing site to the exact location it needs to be poured. There are several ways in which concrete can be pumped around a project site. At 3 Counties Concrete, we use a combination of flexible rubber hoses and steel pipes, which allow us to pump concrete up to 200m away from the roadside, over obstacles, up and down stairs and even through houses – all with minimal mess and fuss.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply ready-mix concrete prepared to your specifications or bring materials to provide on-site mixing.

What are the benefits of concrete pumping?

Not only is concrete pumping more efficient than transporting it manually, but it’s much safer and creates significantly less mess.

For a start, pumping concrete requires minimal labour effort. Once they are set up, our pumps can transport 8 cubic metres of concrete in less than 15 minutes – far more effective than a team of workers. This efficiency gives you more time to lay your concrete, allowing you to concentrate on the parts of your project that matter most.

Concrete pumping is particularly effective when you’re working in areas with challenging access (a common problem with projects in built-up areas like London). At 3 Counties Concrete, we go further to overcome this challenge by mounting our top of the range Putzmeister concrete pumps onto 7.5 tonne lorries with the smallest possible footprint, allowing us to squeeze into narrower spaces than many other firms.

Concrete pumping also makes it easy to meter your delivery, helping you to better manage your project costs.

Why choose 3 Counties Concrete?

Our team deliver the finest grade of concrete to all kinds of projects across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We are passionate about the level of service we provide, and use our expertise to ensure that you can lay your concrete in a quick, clean cost-effective manner.

If you would like any more information or advice about using concrete pumping for your project, our team will be happy to help. Give us a call on Tel: 01582 250 886, or send a message via our contact page.

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